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WeFutureCompany B.V. is a startup created by young entrepreneurs.

We supply the world with the newest and hottest electric gadgets!
“Our goal is to rock your world by introducing you to simple, sleek, Electric Smart-Wheels.
We believe in the creation of innovative solutions while working with the best designers and
engineers to make quality an absolute norm in your life.’’


Our team is made up from trendy, experienced designers with an enormous appreciation for
killer designs! We strive to ensure that all of our products are user-friendly while being equipped with the latest technology – in order to get you from A to B simply, efficiently, and in style.


WeFutureCompany is headed on a bullet train to become the global market leader of Premium Electric Smart-Wheels. Currently, our focus lies on the gradual and consistent improvement of our sustainability, to become even more environmentally friendly.


WeFutureCompany guarantees the best price/quality ratio. In addition to a 2-year warranty. We offer express delivery on all of our products. Our maintenance team is at your service any time. We look forward to expanding our excellent portfolio of smart-wheels even further and become a kick-ass concept in society!

SwheelS Hoverboards

a brand by WeFutureCompany B.V.

SwheelS is the new and fun way of getting around. SwheelS highly values the safety, durability, reliability, and sustainability of its products. We believe that quality is the KEY! Our team spend more than half a year developing the best smart-wheels available on the global market: SwheelS.

Kiwano Electric scooter

Clean Energy. Clean Mind. Kiwano.

Our mission to revolutionize electric rideables comes from a conscious understanding of the need to simplify. We believe in creating minimalistic innovative solutions, collaborating with top designers and engineers, while contributing to the healing of our planet.

Be a part of the future – get your Kiwano now!

SwheelS 2 Go

Mobility as a Service

The collective consumption of means of transport is getting more popular by the day. The concept of a sharing economy is thriving and SwheelS2Go believes that the Dutch are ready for the notion of an e-step sharing platform.

SwheelS2GO actively contributes to the environment by introducing sustainable, accessible, affordable, user friendly, and reliable Urban-City-Solutions!

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We Make Our Customers Happy

Our customers come first! WeFutureCompany believes in listening and learning from its customers in order to maximize your positive experience. We believe in making you a part of the future. Ride along – have a look at our business process.


WeFutureCompany always participates in extensive research to ensure the success of its products.


Our designers have an enormous appreciation for world class design. When conceptualizing our products, we strive to let your ride in style!



We work with the best manufacturers who construct our products using only the highest quality of materials, and newest technology. Ensuring you get the best product available is our priority.


WeFutureCompany values your experience! All of our products are intensively tested in our research-facility in the Netherlands before entering the commercial market.

We are the Future – you can be a part of it!


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